Marlon Wayans Wants To Play Plastic Man In A Warner Bros/DC Films Feature

Comedic actor, Marlon Wayans, wants to play Plastic Man in a Warner Bros/DC Films Feature. Will it happen, no. Should it happen, maybe. Am I against the idea, no way.

During an interview with Screen Rant, Wayans was asked what comic book character he would like to play and, believe it or not, he went all-in on Plastic Man. He said:

“I would love to play Plastic Man, […] I think he works with the comedic skill set that I have, in terms of how I’m physical, I’m bendy. And I think it’d be cool to just do it without… You know, what’s great about Black Panther is he’s a black superhero, right? But sometimes [it’s fun] to just do something. Like, you wouldn’t think Plastic Man was a black guy, but it’s not black – it’s just, he’s plastic. I think it’d be fun for me, because I know I got to add my humor to it. The only two superheroes I ever really wanted to play was Plastic Man and The Mask. Those are the two superhero films I would love to play.”

Wayans is a hilarious comedic actor who still has it and could do wonders with this character. Not to mention, Wayans would bring some much-needed diversity to the DC Films line-up who is predominately all led by white actors. DC Films, in their efforts to try and just make good films these days really could benefit by having actors of nationality or color headline a film. If they can’t get Superman or a Justice League movie right surely they can do this.

Marlon Wayans also has a hand in producing films, as well. He will undoubtedly want a hand in shaping Plastic Man, too. If DC Films is interested in making their own “Deadpool” like character, this would be it.

What do you think? Would you like to see Wayans as Plastic Man? Let us know in the comments.



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