Disney Continues To Bury Josh Boone’s “The New Mutants” Film

Remember when director Josh Boone‘s “The New Mutants” was going to be Marvel’s horror section of the Fox/X-Men shared universe. Probably not, because no one remembers much about this film that was supposed to come out the same year as Deadpool 2. 

After a complete overhaul of the script, and being totally reshot, the film is ready for release. However, Disney is still unimpressed with the final product.

Variety reports that Disney is unhappy with the performance of 20th Century Fox films in the aftermath of Disney’s acquisition. This has resulted in any Fox movies completed during and after the buyout “struggling” to gain support, including most of all The New Mutants directed by Josh Boone.

According to the report, The New Mutants, based on the X-Men comic book series of the same name, is complete, but Disney is “unimpressed” by the film and believes it has “limited box office potential.” The movie uniquely features more of a haunted house horror aesthetic than a traditional mainstream superhero movie.

So, you could, in theory, watch The New Mutants right now. But Disney is keeping the film until April 2020, at which time it will be released in theaters, and not on Hulu(which Disney owns) as previously rumored.

The movie, originally slated for April 13th, 2018 before it was delayed repeatedly to April 3, 2020, is an adaptation of the Marvel comic series that introduced a new generation of mutant teenagers to the X-Men universe. New Mutants follows a group of five mutant teens trapped in a top-secret facility against their will who must work together in order to break free.

Anya Taylor-Joy (SplitGlass), Maisie Williams (Game of Thrones), Charlie Heaton (Stranger Things), and Alice Braga (Elysium) star in the film. In 2018, Antonio Banderas replaced Jon Hamm in a post-credits cameo as a villain. Presumably as Mr. Sinister who would have potentially been the villain in an X-Force film.

As it stands New Mutants is an odd anomaly. It was set firmly in the Fox/X-Men film universe that is no longer and would have potentially tied into a Deadpool sequel now scrapped. It’s just a movie that doesn’t really belong anywhere…kid of sad considering the talent that was attached to it.



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