Check Out This Amazing TOHO STUDIOS Promotion Video

TOHO STUDIOS made an interesting promo video for their studio with the desire to let people around the world know about the appeal of TOHO STUDIOS and to continue to serve the people involved in film and video production. TOHO STUDIOS, founded in 1932, evolves to cope with the making of new films while inheriting tradition, and people with kind of spirit work there. Please take a look at the inside of TOHO STUDIOS, which you cannot usually see.

Outside Japan, it is best known as the producer and distributor of many kaiju and tokusatsu films, the Chouseishin tokusatsu superhero television franchise, the films of Akira Kurosawa, and the anime films of Studio GhibliTMS Entertainment and OLM, Inc.. Other famous directors, including Yasujirō OzuKenji MizoguchiMasaki Kobayashi, and Mikio Naruse, also directed films for Toho.

Toho’s most famous creation is Godzilla, who is featured in 33 of the company’s films. Godzilla, RodanMothraKing Ghidorah and Mechagodzilla are described as Toho’s Big Five because of the monsters’ numerous appearances in all three eras of the franchise, as well as spin-offs. Toho has also been involved in the production of numerous anime titles. Its subdivisions are Toho-Towa Distribution, Toho Pictures Incorporated, Toho International Company Limited, Toho E. B. Company Limited, and Toho Music Corporation & Toho Costume Company Limited. The company is the largest shareholder (7.96%) of Fuji Media Holdings Inc.

Toho is a member of the Motion Picture Producers Association of Japan (MPPAJ), and is one of Japan’s Big Four film studios. In 2019, Toho invested ¥15.4 billion ($14 million) into their Los Angeles-based subsidiary Toho International Inc. as part of their “Toho Vision 2021 Medium-term Management Strategy”, a strategy to increase content, platform, real-estate, beat JPY50 billion profits, and increase character businesses on Toho intellectual properties such as Godzilla. Hiroyasu Matsuoka was named the representative director of the US subsidiary.