HipZOMJoint Role Call #49 Doing The Fantastic Four Right!

A few years back, when I first started this HipsterZOMBIEJoint endeavor, it was right around the time Fox was trying to reboot the Fantastic Four. They wanted a grittier, darker version of the film. Something akin to The Fly. Needless to say, bad casting and and an even worse script later, the reboot bombed and Fox would then be bought out by Disney a few years later. My first Role Call (which was lost when I transferred to another website builder) was casting The Fantastic Four. Now here we are, only this time we are Role Calling for Marvel Studio’s Fantastic Four!


John Krasinski as Reed Richards

You know what Marvel Studios is great at? Giving the fans what they want. Krasinski has been the fans pick to play the smartest man in the MCU for years. Make it happen Disney!


Emily Blunt as Sue Storm

Can we just have the package deal with both John and Emily? They worked extremely well together in A Quiet Place and Blunt is no stranger to sci-fi spectacles having starred in Edge of Tomorrow.



John Cena as The Thing

Unlike Bruce Banner, Ben Grimm was a burley football star in school with a larger than life personality. Why not get someone who is used to playing exaggerated versions of themselves with WWE superstar John Cena!


KJ Apa as The Human Torch

Riverdale star and every teenage girl’s crush has the look and attitude to be Johnny Storm. This would be Chris Evan 2.0!

Billie Lourd as Alicia Masters

The daughter of the late Carrie Fisher has carved out a nice career for herself. She has starred in various Ryan Murphy series oh and also a little film series called Star Wars. Her dry wit would work perfect with Cena’s comedic timing.

Keanu Reeves as Doctor Doom

Marvel Studios head honcho, Kevin Feige, has been alluding for weeks that Reeves has met with him. Now I doubt it was to talk about John Wick. Everyone is assuming Reeves will enter the MCU as a hero. But what if he took on the mantle of the baddest Marvel villain ever, Victor Von Doom! We don’t normally see Reeves play a villain which is why this casting would be so inspired!

Well, that’s our Marvel Studios Fantastic Four Role Call. We are very likely to get some FF film related news at Comic-Con in a few weeks. Hopefully it’s casting news!

Stay tuned for future Role Calls only on HipsterZOMBIEJoint.com!


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