The Road to Hickman’s X-Men!


Comic Book Herald takes us on the road to comic book writer, Jonathan Hickman, highly anticipated X-Men series.

Per ComicBookHerald:

A fast track guide preparing you for Marvel’s relaunched X-Men Universe by writer Jonathan Hickman. Over the course of 12 weeks, House of X and Powers of X will redefine X-Men comics for fans, and promises one of the biggest moments in X-Men comic book history.

After three years away from Marvel Comics, superstar writer Jonathan Hickman returns, first with two 6 issue miniseries titled House of X and Powers of X. The comics will feature interior artwork by Pepe Larraz and R.B. Silva and promise to bring the X-Men back to prominence in the Marvel lineup of comics. Every other Marvel X-Men comic is being canceled or suspended so the Hickman era of X-Men can begin!

In this video, I discuss the essential comics that lead up to Hickman’s X-Men, and provide recommended reading so you can be prepared for the event. I’ll also talk a little bit about Hickman’s Marvel comic book history, including X-Men inspirations in the works of Grant Morrison and Mike Carey.