All The Wonder Woman 1984 Rumors And Spoilers Leaked So Far

Per Looper:

While we wait for Wonder Woman’s second solo DCEU adventure to arrive in theaters, here’s a detailed rundown of everything we know about this ’80s-set sequel — and a look at all the rumors that have surfaced surrounding the project. Here’s your warning now: potential spoilers for Wonder Woman 1984 ahead.

With Wonder Woman, Patty Jenkins became the highest-grossing female director of a live-action movie, so it should come as no surprise that she’ll be the sequel’s director. Meanwhile, veteran comic book and television writer Geoff Johns confirmed he was working on a script. Expendables co-writer Dave Callaham was later reported to have been recruited to work on the script with Johns and Jenkins.

In January 2018, Jenkins spoke to Entertainment Tonight Canada about why she didn’t necessarily see Wonder Woman 1984 as a sequel:

“We’re actually making a totally different film… it’s its own movie completely, it’s not [Wonder Woman] ‘two’ to us. It’s an entirely new adventure together.”

So what are the details of that new adventure? The title gives some of it away: the story will take place in 1984. We’ll have to wait to see how Diana’s experiences in the New World inform her in important decisions — like where she falls in the David Lee Roth vs. Sammy Hagar debate, or if she thought David Lynch’s Dune adaptation had enough guitar solos.

Jenkins also told Entertainment Weekly in June 2017:

“The story will take place in the U.S., which I think is right. She’s Wonder Woman. She’s got to come to America. It’s time.”

As for just when the follow-up will hit, the release date for Wonder Woman 1984 has moved around a bit. Currently, it’s scheduled for June 5, 2020.

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