HipZOMJoint New Music Friday Picks 6/21/19

We got some great new tunes hitting the music streaming services today!! All of these picks and more can now be streamed on Apple Music and Spotify.


Failure Scriptures – Fences

The band’s new album, Failure Scriptures, is an emo fan’s delight. The lyric comes across as therapeutic poems with melodic guitar playing and sorrowful lyrics. You really feel the pain and emotion behind the powerful lyrics. For some, it might even be too much. But the album is a heartfelt journey through the life experiences of the lead singer. He leaves it all on the table with stand out tracks like, “Same Blue,” “Brass Band,” and “God Music” paint a vivid picture of struggles with depression, moving on, and letting go.


Find Yourself – KY RODGERS

Is he Country? Rock? Rap? No, he’s an awesome blend of them all. In his debut album, KY RODGERS creates a unique mix of sounds that flows great with each other. Stand out tracks include: “You’re The Reason,” “APEX,” and “Coffin.”


Who Wants To Be Millionaire – China Town Slalom

Glitchy beats, slinky guitars, and wobbly melodies make up the wild audio musicscape of China Town Slalom‘s debut album “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire.” Stand out tracks include: “Dr. Marvelo & His Best Friend Corkie,” “Every Minue of the Day,” and “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire.”


Crimson Riders – BOKASSA

Norwegian stoner-punk trio Bokassa currently find themselves in the stadiums of Europe warming up Metallica’s crowds. They are loud, aggressive, and unrelenting. The band is powered by raw and unapologetic riffs. Stand out tracks include: “Mouthbreathers Inc,” “Vultures,” and “Blunt Force Karma.”


Help Us Stranger – The Raconteurs

The first new studio release in 11 years and they have not missed a beat. The musical genius of the band continues to shine through the newest album. Stand out tracks include: “Now That You’re Gone,” “Live a Lie,” and “What’s Yours Is Mine.”



Five years after releasing the breakthrough single “Tuesday,” iLoveMakonnen has dropped a new EP titled M3. The project continues a string of EPs and mixtapes from the Atlanta-bred artist, who is still waiting to put out his debut album. The Warner Records signee’s latest project includes six songs. Gucci Mane makes the lone guest appearance. Stand out tracks include: “Drunk on Saturday,” and “Shoot Shoot.”


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