Is SYFY Developing a “LOBO” Series?

Apparently, SYFY and the creators of the show, Krypton, are so high on Emmett J. Scanlan’s portrayal of Lobo, the intergalactic bounty hunter, that a spin-off series is currently being planned.

The proposed spin-off would follow the bounty hunter on his travels through the DC COMICS cosmos and have him face off against aliens both old and new. Lobo is a mix of Beetlejuice and Deadpool. He’s unpredictable, incredibly violent, and is always looking for a good fight.

Lobo has been a coveted property over the years with numerous producers and plans announced for both film and television. Michael Bay, Guy Richie, Brad Peyton, Dwayne Johnson, and Will Smith are some of the prominent players who have tried to wrangle the cult favorite into a spotlight adaptation.

The character was created by artist Keith Giffen and writer Roger Slifer and introduced in 1983 in the pages of Omega Men, a science fiction epic that was edgy in its content by the era’s standards. Lobo was an immediate sensation with fans who embraced the remorseless, unstoppable, and uncouth alien as a subversive favorite.

For Syfy, Lobo may fill two thematic slots left by departing shows. In the category of “subversive and cartoon-spirited comic-book adaptation,” the new show would pick up where the just-cancelled series Happy! leaves off. In the category of “deep-space bounty hunters who party,” Lobo could fill the orbital space soon to be vacated by Killjoys.


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