HipZOMJoint New Music Friday Picks 6/15/19

We got some great new tunes hitting the music streaming services today!! All of these picks and more can now be streamed on Apple Music and Spotify.

Orion – X Ambassadors

Orion hops around and plays with various music genres. The album pulls from life stories of frontman Sam Harris. The album blends bluesy guitars with hip hop grooves. Stand out tracks include, “Boom,” “Quicksand,” and “Hey Child.”

Gold & Grey – Baroness

Now on their 5th album, Baroness might be down an original member but they haven’t lost a step. The album is beat heavy and at time atmospheric with distorted echo. Stand out tracks include, “Front Toward Enemy,” “Seasons,” and “Throw Me An Anchor.”

Sunsets – Christopher Willits

Willits new album, “Sunsets” is an breath of fresh air in a busy and noisy life. It’s Ambient music at its finest. This is an album you put on to listen to and just relax.

San Isabel – Jamestown Revival

Texas born duo, Jamestown Revival have created a folk, country sounding album that sticks with you. Stand out tracks include, “Crazy World,” “Who Hung The Moon,” and “California Dreamin.”


Come back next week for another fresh batch of new music Friday picks only on HipsterZOMBIEJoint.com!


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