Classic Hellcat Costume Makes An Appearance In The Final Season Of “Jessica Jones”

It’s a sad day for Marvel/Netflix fans. Not only is it the final season of Jessica Jones, but it’s the last new season we will be getting from any of the Marvel Defenders-verse characters.

But the Netflix series still has a few surprises in store for us. None bigger than the debut of Hellcat into the MCU.


Now, there are going to be big spoilers here for the series, so if you haven’t watched it yet you’ve been warned. If you have watched the season, then you’re good to go. Now, in recent trailers we’ve seen teases of Trish going further with her hero efforts, even donning an all-black outfit at one point with a scarf for a mask, but that isn’t the only look we see her in.

In episode 2 we see Trish try on a number of homemade looks, trying on different masks and outfits but not finding the one that seems right. The last look though is the costume right out of the comics, a form-fitting yellow suit with a blue sash, gloves, and mask. It’s the comic suit to a tee, but Trish isn’t digging it, saying “hell no” and ditching it for a more practical look.

Eventually, she wears more of a zip-up jacket and pants combo, but there is a yellow shirt underneath, serving as an homage to the character’s comic roots.

Jessica Jones season 3 is on Netflix now.


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