The Phantasm To Appear In Tom King’s “Batman/Catwoman” Series

Comic book writer, Tom King, is bringing the mysterious Phantasm character to his upcoming Batman/Catwoman series.

Artist Clay Mann has released a new piece of artwork for Batman/Catwoman, with Batman: The Animated Seriesantagonist Phantasm, star of the original animated movie Batman: Mask of the Phantasm.

Dana Delany played the mysterious Andrea Beaumont/Phantasm in 1993’s Mask of the Phantasm. Beaumont was a woman from Bruce Wayne’s past and ex-fiancée who jilted the billionaire playboy. The movie plays out as Beaumont is revealed as the femme fatalebehind the guise of the deadly Phantasm. Hoping to take revenge on the Joker for the murder of her father, Beaumont dressed up as the Grim Reaper-inspired anti-heroine and gave Batman one of his toughest cases.

Batman/Catwoman #1 by Tom King and Clay Mann goes on sale January 2020 from DC.