WarnerMedia Streaming Service Price Point Revealed

WarnerMedia is coming for your streaming dollars! The WarnerMedia streaming service doesn’t actually have a name yet, but we do now know what WB and AT&T are looking at for a price point (via Variety). According to the report the subscription VOD service is targeting a $16 to $17 dollar price, which is more expensive than competitors like Netflix, Hulu, and the upcoming Disney+. That said they are hoping the value of what’s included will make that point moot, as it is likely to bundle together HBO and Cinemax as part of the deal. Game of Thrones and Friends? This might be worth getting after all.

Subscribers will get the massive Warner Bros film and television libraries, but also all the content associated with HBO and Cinemax which is also considerable. Will Disney+ have a fight on their hands after all? Guess we will have to wait and see. The WarnerMedia Service is expected to be available sometime next year.