Swamp Thing Got Canceled Because of Taxes?!?

Fans are still reeling over the news that the new DC Universe series, Swamp Thing, got canned after one episode but now we know why.

Per Fark.com

The reasons didn’t hit the entertainment trades, BUT…they did hit the news in North Carolina…
North Carolina promised a $40m tax rebate that, due to a paperwork error, they were unable to deliver. That was roughly half the proposed budget for s1 (which is estimated at $80m).

When NC discovered the error, the corrected. WB shut down production, realizing they’d be taking a bath on the rebate and paying for far more of it than assumed. The adjusted number from NC is something like $14m. That’s a massive difference.

There won’t be a s2 because it’s now too expensive to maintain the levels of quality of s1, *especially* for a niche platform, and there’s no great reason to keep the production on standby when the deal in NC is no good for them anyway.

So either North Carolina people are as dumb as we think they are or Warner Bros and DC Universe just had absolutely no faith in this series at all. Which is insane considering the critical praise it got. A lot of curious subscribers jumped on DC Universe specifically for the James Wan produced series. Now that it’s cancelled, DC Universe can expect to lose even more subscribers.


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