HipZOMJoint Movie Review: The Perfection

Director Richard Shepard’s psychological horror film, ”The Perfection” has so many twists and turns in it that it might give you whiplash. What starts out as an erotic revenge/ Single White Female film, quickly evolves into body horror, then becomes a deadly game of retaliation. Ultimately it throws all of that out and takes viewers on one final twist that is both shocking and very unexpected.

Basically, this movie rocks.

Spoilers Ahead…

The film stars Allison Williams, Logan Browning, and Steven Weber. The story follows a troubled musical prodigy and a new star pupil as they embark down a sinister path.

When we first meet Charlotte (Williams) the film really goes out of its way to make viewers believe she is sadistic and jealous of her replacement, Lizzie, the new star pupil of Charlotte’s teacher, Anton. After an intimate night, Charlotte and Lizzie embark on bus ride. However, when Lizzie becomes violently ill. The two are kicked off the bus and Lizzie’s sickness gets worse. She becomes crazed and starts clawing at her arms and vomits bugs. As more bugs pour out of Lizzie’s arm, Charlotte convinces her to cut off her arm.

Come to find out Charlotte drugged Lizzie with a hallucinogenic drug and she maimed herself for no reason. With her arm gone, Anton kicks Lizzie out of the school. Lizzie tracks down Charlotte and you think, ”ok, payback time.” Wrong. It’s revealed Charlotte did what she did to save Lizzie from Anton’s sexual abuse and rape.

Charlotte and Lizzie eventually team up and not only rough up Anton, they completely maim and emasculate him. But not before Anton drags a knife through Charlotte’s arm forcing her to cut it off.

The film ends with Charlotte and Lizzie performing a musical number for a mutilated Anton.

The film’s twists keep you enthralled throughout the film. Just when you think the film is going one way, it makes a sharp left turn into full-on craziness. The film doesn’t have a lot of gore, but when it does get bloody its horrific. The two female leads really sell the pain and anguish they put themselves through.

The Perfection is a pleasant surprise of a film that doesn’t disappoint. This is one film you should watch right away!

With that said, HipsterZOMBIEJoint gives The Perfection a strong 8 out of 10.


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