‘We Will Make It’ Season 5 Premiere Sneak Peek Of “Fear the Walking Dead”

Morgan and Alicia are covered in blood, and that can only mean one thing: Fear the Walking Dead returns June 2 at 9/8c.

On Rotten Tomatoes, the fourth season has an approval rating of 81% based on 6 reviews, with an average rating of 6.86/10. TVLine reevaluated the series for its fourth season, giving it a grade of a “B+”. Reviewer Charlie Mason wrote, “it’s gone from being an adequate stopgap between seasons of The Walking Dead to a show that’s as good or arguably even better than the one from which it was spun off.” He also praised the addition of Jenna Elfman and Garret Dillahunt and that season 4 has had several genuine surprises in its storytelling.

For fans who dropped off after the second season, you might want to jump back on. The cast has gone through a dramatic change. Morgan (from The Walking Dead) is a main character and Alicia might be the only other face you recognize from the first and second season.