HipZOMJoint Movie Review: Rim of the World

Netflix’s aliens vs kids film, “Rim of the World,” is typical Director McG schlock. It’s loud, bombastic, and very brainless. The kids all speak like adults and the adults are all incredibly stupid.

Still, the film has an undeniable charm. It’s a perfect tween film about kids saving the world and overcoming impossible odds. McG really cherry picks from a lot of films (Independence Day, Goonies, Breakfast Club, etc.) and the result is a jumbled mess. A fun mess, but a mess nonetheless.

The film follows four misfit teenagers join forces to save the world when an alien invasion interrupts their summer camp.

The child actors range from cringe worthy to absolutely annoying. Some jokes hit, most jokes fall very flat. My biggest problem is that the kids just don’t act natural. They seem to be playing heightened versions of themselves so it’s hard to connect to them.

The aliens are very sparse in the film (probably due to budget) which is a shame because the aliens look very impressive.

With that said HipsterZOMBIEJoint gives “Rim of the World” a weak 5 out of 10.