The Final Trailer For James Gunn’s ”BrightBurn” Is Here!

Before James Gunn became known as the director of Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, he was a straight up horror guy. A horror filmmaker who got his start with Troma before penning the incredible Dawn of the Dead remake and eventually helming the cult classic SLiTHER. Now, he’s helping introduce new filmmakers to our genre, with the latest an anti-superhero movie from David Yarovesky.

Elizabeth Banks stars in BrightBurn, a super-villain origin story that takes the core concept of Superman and flips it. In the film, a young boy (Jackson A. Dunn) not of this world is taken in by human parents who believe him to be special. But not all who wear capes are heroes.

In theaters this Friday, Bloody Disgusting has an exclusive look at the final trailer that goes full-on horror. Utilizing a score similar to Ridley Scott’s Alien, the footage opens with Banks wishfully pleading, “Whatever you’ve done, I know there is good in you.” She’s speaking to Dunn’s character, who has decided to use his otherworldly powers for evil. Here, he rips through houses and annihilates a policewoman. He appears to be possessed or completely out of control as the trailer digresses even further. I cannot wait until Friday!

BrightBurn arrives in theaters on May 24, 2019.