Devil’s Due Has To Recall Comic Book Cover Depicting Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez As This…

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is the subject of a new comic from Devil’s Due titled Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez & The Freedom Force: New Party, Who Dis? and in promotion of the launch, the publisher has been offering up special limited retailer variant covers. One particular cover came under scrutiny for DC Comics though, being a bit too close to their iconic character Wonder Woman for their liking, and now they’ve sent a cease and desist to Devil’s Due (via Bleeding Cool). The cover in question was the NY Collector Cave retailer exclusive cover by artist Carla Cohen, which as you can see below does bear a strong resemblance to DC’s Wonder Woman.

Ocasio-Cortez has an A symbol where the typical W would go, but it’s not hard to make the leap to Diana of Themyscira. The print run was already going to be small at 250 copies, but once DC sent their cease-and-desist notice that will now even be smaller, as DC requested the covers not be distributed, but recalled, returned, or destroyed. The cover, however, had already been printed, so while 250 won’t be available, there will be some to get your hands on if you want them, but do expect the price to jump.

Cartoonist and writer Rich Johnston, who first reported about the cease and desist letter on his website Bleeding Cool, said he hasn’t seen the letter from DC Comics but that “multiple sources” including some collectors trying to score copies of the new comic book, confirmed that the publisher and retailer had both recieved the order from DC Comics.