Avengers Endgame Surpasses Avatar!

Avengers Endgame has officially passed Avatar to become to the second-highest grossing domestic film ever, earning $780 million. This puts it behind the seemingly insurmountable Star Wars The Force Awakens, sitting comfortably on its perch with $936.6 million.

Endgame is also the second-highest grossing movie of all time worldwide, having earned $2.56 billion globally, surpassing JamesCameron’s Titanic sometime last week.

At the worldwide box office, Endgame still trails Avatar’s $2.78 billion total by $224 million. It’s still very possible, so here’s hoping that by the end of the Avengers’ run, it’s not a case of #MissedItByThatMuch

I know it’s not really a competition since Disney owns them both now, but still, it’d be cool to see it happen.