Who Sits On The Iron Throne After The Final Episode of “Game Of Thrones?”

So much fuss for one of the ugliest and most uncomfortable looking Throne ever made. HBO’s fantasy epic Game of Thrones comes to a dramatic end this Sunday night. But who will claim the Iron Throne? And how pissed will fans be when their predictions don’t pan out and Bran Stark takes the throne? Let’s look at the odds:

Gendry Baratheon 7 to 1

Gendry in all honesty should be sitting on the Iron Throne. His father was king making him the true heir. But Khaleesi gave him lordship over Storm’s End. For a kid who has only used to living in squaller his whole life, he’s probably content.

Arya Stark 6 to 1

She’s killing someone. She doesn’t care about a throne. Even if she doesn’t end up surviving by the end of the episode, you better believe she’s taking someone with her.

Tyrion Lannister 5 to 1

Tyrion is one screw up away from being turned into a fried McNugget. Despite having the intelligence to squeeze his way past others to claim the throne eventually he will come up short. (Pun fully intended.)

Jon Snow 4 to 1

This could land either way for Snow. I can see him returning to Winterfell by the end. But I can just as easily see him claiming the throne when all is said and done. One way or the other Snow will be instrumental in who takes the throne.

Khaleesi 3 to 1

She has fully transitioned into the Mad Queen and is intent to rule through fear. I can see her frying the Starks for defying her, but I can also see her being assassinated by Arya at the last second.

Sansa Stark 2 to 1

If I was writing this, Sansa would be the one sitting on the throne when it’s all said and done. She’s a just leader but she also knows how to be cold when she needs to be. One of the biggest downfalls of the Starks has been their crippling nobility. Of all the Starks, Sansa is the only one who has gone through a full character transformation.

And HipsterZOMBIEJoint‘s Pick To Sit On The Iron Throne:

Bran Stark!

Yup get ready to see an onslaught of angry tweets and mass riots in the basement dwellings of many nerds! Bran Stark is the least obvious choice to sit on the throne and this why the creepy little bastard will claim it. He lets everyone do the heavy lifting and dying while he rolls in at the last second to trade one chair for another. Imagine the last scene of the series is Bran sitting on the throne and looking creepily into the camera. Credits.
Well that’s who we think will be sitting on the Iron Throne, but how do you think GoT will end? Let us know in the comments.