Jennifer Lopez & Steve Aoki Team Up For A Steamy Remix Of “Medicine”


I’m pretty sure that Jennifer Lopez is on a mission to give the men of the world a heart attack with the steamy new remix music video for “Medicine.’ J.LO teams up with DJ Steve Aoki for the remix track. Lopez, who is 49 years young, continues to show she has her own personal fountain of youth in her backyard.

Lopez looks toned and sexy as she dances around in a Karma top in the clip released on Friday.

The future wife of Alex Rodriguez also took to a stripper pole, something she has been doing a lot lately to star as an exotic dancer in the new movie Hustlers.

The stripper pole fits perfectly with her new film role: in Hustlers she plays a New York City stripper who cons men out of money. Cardi B is also in the film.