How Far Would One Man Go For Ratings? Find Out In Netflix’s “Killer Ratings” Docu-Series

Killer Ratings is a series about a TV celebrity, murder, political power, and a criminal empire. It tells the true-life story of a Brazilian TV host who was accused of literally killing for ratings and using his show to cover up the truth. Killer Ratings premieres May 31, only on Netflix.

Wallace Souza rose to fame as the host of Canal Livre, a TV show broadcast in Manaus, the remote and lawless city surrounded by jungle in the heart of Brazil’s Amazon. The show was a hit but its reputation was tarnished when it was claimed that Souza was only able to make it first to certain crime scenes because he had ordered the murders himself. His former bodyguard accused him of being the head of a criminal organization.

In 2009, he was subject to worldwide media coverage, when Amazonas State Police launched an investigation into the claims that murders had been ordered in order to boost ratings on his program.

Suspicions were raised because he was frequently first to the scene of a crime, gathering graphic footage of the victims. A former police officer, Moacir Jorge da Costa, claimed he carried out one of the murders. Souza and his legal team denied Souza’s involvement with the murders. Souza’s son, Raphael, was arrested and is currently in prison facing charges of homicidedrug trafficking, and illegal gun possession.

Weapons, ammunition, and cash were discovered at Souza’s home when the police conducted a search.