James Gunn’s Suicide Squad Casts Daniela Melchior as the Gender-bent Ratcatcher

Director James Gunn continues to fill out his Suicide Squad Cast. Portuguese actress Daniela Melchior in the role of Ratcatcher, a supervillain with the ability to control an army of rats. Melchior is the latest addition to a growing cast that includes returning actors like Viola Davisand Jai Courtney, and new additions like David Dastmalchian as Polka-Dot Man.

Melchior will play a gender-bent version of Otis Flannegan a.k.a. Ratcatcher. Melchior’s Ratcatcher will have ties to Idris Elba’s character, who currently remains a mystery. Elba was originally believed to be taking over the role of Deadshot from Will Smith, but we’ve since learned that he’ll be playing another character entirely

Debuting in Detective Comics #585 in 1988, Ratcatcher is (as the name suggests) a former Gotham City ratcatcher who has the unusual ability to control an army of rats (similar to Ant-Man, but with rats instead of ants). Ratcatcher controls the rats by blowing a special whistle, and also wears a gas mask and wields gas canisters.

The Suicide Squad will arrive in theaters August 5th, 2021.