Let’s Take A Minute To Discuss The Time Travel Plot Holes Of Avengers Endgame

We all saw Avengers Endgame this weekend. If you didn’t, too bad because the 4 day spoiler-free courtesy ban is over.

So after coming down off the high of Endgame we can properly sit back, dissect what we saw and discuss. As awesome as the movie is (and I should know I gave it a 10/10 in my review) there are some serious time travel plot holes in the film. It doesn’t hurt my opinion of the film but it can’t go unnoticed. So let’s dig in:

Fat Thor Takes Mjolnir From Asgard:

When fat Thor and Rocket travel to Asgard during the events of Thor The Dark World, before he leaves he takes Mjolnir, his original hammer with him. Hela destroyed his hammer in Thor Ragnarok. But wouldn’t fat Thor taking the hammer from Asgard during this point and time mess up the events of not only The Dark World, but every other event taking place afterwards?

Loki Escapes With The Cosmic Cube:

Of all the plot holes this one might be explained away pretty easily. When Loki takes the cosmic cube and escapes during the events of the first Avengers film, it makes you wonder, where does he go? And if he had it he could go and change history to the way he see’s fit. Well, that might be the basis for the Loki series coming to the Disney+ streaming service. Tom Huddleston, has already signed on to reprise the character in the upcoming series and it was rumored to be about Loki travel through time causing mischief.

Peter Parker Friends Are All The Same Age 5 Years Later:

This can be possibly explained away by the fact Parker’s friends could have been dusted during the events of Infinity War. However wouldn’t some of his friends who weren’t dusted be in college by now and much older than Peter Parker? By the looks of it from the trailers for Spider-Man Far From Home, all his friends must have been dusted with him. Convenient.

Captain America Never Fought With The Avengers:

When Cap goes back in time to live a life with Peggy Carter he returns to present day as a withered old man. If he never got stuck in ice wouldn’t that mean by the time 2012 came along he would have been too old to fight with the Avengers against Loki, Ultron, and even Thanos? Was he even an Avenger now?

Half of Existence Returning After 5 Years Wreaks Havoc With The World Economy, Ecosystem, Food, & Homeless Situation:

If a billion or so people just popped out of nowhere the world would be in a serious mess. The Avengers brought back those Thanos dusted but they didn’t bring back the five years everyone lost. In essence the Avengers could have created an even bigger issue. Think about the mortgage crisis, homeless issues, hell, entire ecosystem and food shortages that would arise from a flurry of people returning after that long of a time span, good job Avengers, you saved everyone but you just broke society! Not to mention all of the people who moved on thinking their loved one were dead. Imagine how many friends were now hooked up!!! Lots of awkward conversations at the dinner table!

Well those of the time travel plot holes I found, did I miss anything? Let me know in the comments.