Reebok Is Releasing It’s Brand New “Alien Stomper” Sneaker Boots

Happy LV-426 or “Alien” day! If you are wondering what that or even why it’s a day, it’s because in Aliens franchise LV-426 is where the doomed crew of the Nostromo starship landed and first encounter the Xenomorphs. Later, surviving crew member Ellen Ripley would return and fight them with the aid of the Colonial Space Marines.

Bloody Disgusting reported last week that Reebok is bringing back their replicas of the futuristic shoes worn by Ripley in Aliens, which have been officially dubbed the “Alien Stompers.” And they got full details on the “upgraded” new shoes today.

The 40th Anniversary Alien Stomper is an upgraded take on the classic 1986 silhouette. The new edition now features premium-aged leather construction, a material innovation that enhances the sneaker’s tactile experience while also lending it a vintage “from the vaults” appearance.

Arriving in a cream-white colorway with contrasting blood-red and anthracite detailing, the unisex sneaker is oozing with minute design touches and Easter eggs for die-hard fans. Those details include references to a host of pre-production designs and logos that were never actually used in the film’s final production. making them true prototypes in both our universe and the universe of Alien. For example, eagle-eyed fans will take special notice of an ultra-rare deviant version of the logo used by the Alien franchise’s infamous “Weyland-Yutani” corporation, which drops the “D” to read just “Weylan-Yutani”.

The Stomper’s new packaging is just as lovingly detailed as the sneaker itself. Reebok spared little expense in researching and creating materials for the packaging, which will arrive with a swarm of Alien inuniverse goodies to help maximize the immersion factor. The full loadout includes:

  • A certificate of authenticity, backed by the good name of the Weylan-Yutani corporation
  • Custom dust bags for protecting your stompers from hostile forces
  • An official ‘Bug Stomping’ field guide
  • Three unique hang tags, including the alternate Weylan-Yutani logo and an official Alien 40 Anniversary badge

The sneaker will arrive in a triangular prism-shaped “Space Fleet Box”, a retro-future design that imagines what a 22ndcentury Reebok box would look like through the eyes of 1979-era sci-fi design.

The 40 Anniversary Alien Stomper drops on Alien Day, this Friday April 26. The unisex sneaker retails for $175 and will be available on