HipZOMJoint Music Spotlight: WARGIRL

Long Beach indie rockers, WARGIRL are set to release their self-titled debut album this Friday on Apple Music.

Lead singer, Samantha Park, voice evokes vintage Debbie Harry. Her voice blends perfectly with the groovy and sassy guitar riffs that paint the picture of a warm summer night in the big city.

Stand out tracks include “How You Feel” which has a music video for it (as seen above). It’s a funky number with a catchy hook.

“Mess Around” is a fun, hummable song about someone who pretty much fed up with the nonsense of rude person.

Poison” is a track that really pours on the Blondie vibes. It’s a sassy, sexy number that shows this band isn’t playing around.

The band consists of 6 total members and despite all living in and around Long Beach, each member brings something new to the table with a distinct sound and style. Everything from dance, rock, reggae, and hip-hop, the band takes it all and molds it into something fresh and exciting.

“Musically there’s something for everyone from punk to disco to reggae on this record. We’re just trying to create something that is a positive voice in the world and hopefully people can see things flow naturally”.

WARGIRL is playing an album release show on April 20th at House of Machines in LA. For full details click here.