Avengers Endgame Spoilers Are Flooding The Net!

Don’t read unless you absolutely want to be spoiled about the plot and ending of Avengers Endgame.

Ok, here we go! Marvel Studios has allegedly been showing 20 to 30 minutes of the upcoming film to insiders within the business. Leave it to the people of Reddit to break it on the net a week or so before it hits theaters. Thanks to Reddit user Spoilsbedumpig:

The movie opens to the harsh continuous beep of an emergency broadcast over the Marvel Studios logo. Same one from the Ant-Man and the Wasp post-credits scene reading “THIS IS NOT A TEST. THERE IS A STATE OF EMERGENCY IN EFFECT. PLEASE STAND BY FOR FURTHER INSTRUCTIONS.”


Whole screen is a shot of that for a few seconds. Cut to the Barton farm. Clint is away from the family picnic teaching his daughter some archery. He jokes that the 30th time is the charm, to stay steady and not even think about it. She nails the center of the target. He and his daughter have a funny back and forth about who the better archer will be when she gets a better trainer. Clint turns his back to her for a moment expecting a response to his quip.

He turns back around, and she isn’t there. Clint looks amused for a second. He calls out her name, looks behind the tree. Nothing.

He quickly begins to panic, asking his wife if she’s seen her, that she was just with him. Laura has no clue. They frantically search around the house to no avail. Clint turns to see his two younger sons reduced to ash in front of him. Clint runs out of the room to Laura who also slowly turns to ash in his arms. Clint, in utter shock, walks into the living room where the tv is blaring the aforementioned emergency broadcast. “THIS IS NOT A TEST.”

Back on Earth, Wakandans mourn their lost loved ones. We get a pretty emotional sequence there.


Here’s what I know you all want to know:

DEAD when the credits roll:

Iron Man








RETIRED when the credits roll:

Cap. He gets that dance with Peggy after all.





Thanos kills Pepper, T’challa, and Quill

The stones kill Tony after a surreal scene where they speak to him and offer him unlimited power, where he’d rather just see them destroyed.

Tony kills Thanos

Gamora stays dead


Easter eggs; TONS in the quantum realm shenanigans, including peaks at “what if” universes. Hardcore fans will be pleased.


Funniest scene: without a doubt, it’s Bruce/the Hulk trying to ride a water bear. You’ll see. Fucking hilarious.



Shuri becomes the Black Panther.

Bucky becomes Captain America.

Valkyrie becomes the new Thor, pretty much.


Looks like Captain Marvel takes Iron Man’s role.oh and one more thing: Iron Man says “fuck you” before he kills Thanos. It. Is. Awesome.

Most fan theories and leaks have either Cap and/or Iron Man disappearing from the MCU. They either die or retire or any combination of the two. And this alleged leak respects that idea. In this case, Tony dies, and Cap retires. Thor, who others say will die in the film, is also set to retire, according to this leak.


But the most heartbreaking thing about it is that several other heroes will die, including Black Panther and Star-Lord. Furthermore, Gamora stays dead, and Rhodey also dies, according to the Redditor. And, for some reason, Pepper dies too. And Thanos will be responsible for several deaths, apparently, and it’s Tony who manages to kill him.

The Redditor also says that Shuri becomes Black Panther, while Bucky will take on the Captain America role for future movies. Valkyrie, meanwhile, will become the new Thor. Finally, Captain Marvel gets to replace Iron Man and lead the Avengers.

Like I said before, this sounds painful to watch, especially considering that we expect to see characters like T’Challa and Peter Quill in future Marvel films. The author of this Endgame plot leak apparently has details about these decisions, including a massive spoiler (highlighted below):

Actor for BP is donezo, wants to work on other projects and these kind of movies aren’t his thing. Marvel likes their chances of a superhero film lead with a young black woman.

I said she basically becomes the new Thor, not that they call her Thor.

Quill dying is an out of movie thing, Chris Pratt is not in the best mental shape… well this isn’t really my place to talk about. But you’ll find out soon enough.

Bucky straight up becomes Cap. Same uniform and everything and even says the famous line you’ve all been waiting for Steve to say.

Spoilsbedumping is so sure this is the plot of Avengers: Endgame that he or she is taking bets with other Redditors. In other comments, he also revealed what supposedly happens in that trailer scene where Tony shakes Cap’s hand, asking him if he trusts him:

Cap is 2012 Cap and thinks Time traveling Tony is a trick by Loki. Tony basically gives him a rundown of everything like “I know you know your boy killed my parents and in the future I kick your ass for that but for me that’s in the past, we need to get Loki’s scepter, do you trust me?” There’s no handshake, but there’s a quip from Cap about yes and “Do you really kick my ass?”

Finally, the Redditor claims that the scene from the trailer where Cap, Iron Man, and Thor are about to face Thanos on what appears to be a devastating battleground has been shot for the trailer and isn’t in the movie.


Now I honestly think that maybe only 30% of this is completely accurate. Reddit has an ok track record with accurate spoilers so this might all be true. I guess we will know for sure on April 26th when Avengers Endgame hits theaters.