Get Ready To Step Into The Ring With “The Masked Mutilator”

InterVision Pictures, the offshoot of Severin Films, has a knack for locating and releasing some of the most bizarre and interesting independent films to have drifted off into obscurity. A few years back, they released Beyond the 7th Door, a film that has forever forged a home in my heart. Their newest announcement, a film 25-years-in-the-making, looks poised to win my heart over.

Coming May 14th to Blu-ray, DVD and all digital platforms is The Masked Mutilator. What is The Masked Mutilator, you say? Why, it’s just the wrestling-themed slasher that first entered production in 1994, hit a snag, picked back up in 1996, hit another roadblock, and then was just recently finished using a re-write to include modern-day bookends featuring the film’s original star. Sounds like a wild story, right?