Vampirella Is Getting A Relaunch This July

The raven haired, green eyed, vampire vixen from the stars is getting a much needed relaunch this upcoming July. Ever since Warren Publishing debuted the character as an Elvira-like host for Eerie Magazine, the character has stuck with fans for decades. She’s outlasted all of the “bad girls” of the late 90s, survived multiple missteps in reestablishing her origin, and has even survived a horrible redesign, several to be exact. Oh and the horrible straight to video live-action film starring Talisa Soto.

Despite all of this, the character maintains a loyal fan base after all these years. On Free Comic Book Day this May, the character will be reinvigorated once more.

July 2019 is the 50th anniversary of Vampirella, and to celebrate, Dynamite is relaunching the title that very month, with a very special preview to come in this year’s FCBD special, Vampirella #0! Featuring work by legendary Vampirella creator Forrest J. Ackerman along with legends in the own right, Mark Texiera, Ty Templeton, and Bruce Timm, Vampirella #0 will also unveil our lights-out new creative team as they present the prologue to a story so big, we had to hold it for Vampi’s birthday!

Check out a sneak peek of the book below:

After that Deathstroke and Black Panther writer Christopher Priest will team with artist Ergün Gündüz on a new Vampirellaseries for Dynamite Entertainment. This is what Priest and

Gündüz had to say regarding the upcoming series:

“This version of Vampirella is set in the real world, as real as I’m allowed to make it,”  Priest said in Dynamite Entertainment’s press release. “What if an alien from another planet were stranded here? What if that alien looked like one of the Kardashians and wore barely any clothing at all? And had fangs, drank blood and sprouted bat wings? We’d assume she was a vampire. But she’s not a creature of occult origins. She’s a Martian who’s now stuck here with us idiots who stereotype her as this THING because she looks and functions a certain way. That would seem to be an allegory for how we treat each other; for racism, xenophobia, homophobia and religious persecution.”

“Priest’s powerful storytelling pierced through my heart like a stake,” Gündüz added. “The story is so thrilling and delightful that I’ve set my hand free, it’s drawing by itself. Neither I nor readers can have enough of this Vampirella.”

Check out the Alex Ross cover below:

Vampirella #1 by Christopher Priest and Ergün Gündüz will release in July.