J.LO Rides A White Carousel In Her New Music Video With French Montana

Jennifer Lopez still knows how to make an impression in her latest music video for the new single “Medicine,” featuring French Montana.

Lopez acts as the ring leader of a white monochromatic carnival featuring fortune tellers, a 50-foot cake, complete with a glamorous blinged-out jumpsuit and white cowboy hat and boots.

“It’s a very sassy song, very kind of woman empowerment,” Lopez described in a behind-the-scenes video that was posted on her newly launched YouTube page Monday.

“[It’s] kind of giving you taste of what you give out, letting guys know that we’re not going to take any junk,” she added.

Unless that junk is her trunk, which is featured prominently in the music video.

As Lopez continues to release new music, she is also gearing up for her first tour in six years this summer, called It’s My Party: The Live Celebration, in honor of her 50th birthday.

The tour, which was first announced in February, will take Lopez on the road to 25 cities across North America, kicking off in Los Angeles on June 7 and ending on July 25 in Miami, the day after the superstar’s 50th birthday on July 24.


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