The Uncanny X-Men Just Did What To Cyclops?!?

Cyclops just got back from being dead and Marvel didn’t hesitate to start screwing around with him. At this point it should be noted that Scott Summers secondary mutant power should be the ability to take lots of shit. Being thrown out of a plane as a child, losing his brother for years, the love of his life dying, his wife becoming a super villain, the love of his life coming back, his son getting infected by a techno-organic virus, being taken over by the Phoenix, dying twice, and now…having his eye shot out. Yeah, now Cyclops really is…a Cyclops.

In the latest issue of Uncanny X-Men #15, the X-Men are battling the Mutant Liberation Force when Cyclops’ granddaughter accidentally shoots Cyclops’ eye out when she is tackled from behind by Wolverine.

The apprehended, reality displaced Dark Beast (from the Age of Apocalypse timeline) saves Cyclops’ life but isn’t able to save his eye.

Now I would think that just because Cyclops’ eye was shot out that he wouldn’t lose the power to project his optic beam from that eye. He just shouldn’t be able to focus it. The power doesn’t come from his eyes per se, it comes from within. His whole body should be beaming with that power. If anything he should have less control of that power with a hole punctured in him.

Cyclops should potentially be the most powerful X-Man, he is pure energy. A raw power hidden away by someone who is scared to death of it and has always held back. Maybe one day, the writers at Marvel will catch on.