The Dark Pictures: Man of Medan – Dev Diary #2: A Watery Grave Part Two

Go even further in the Dev Diaries Part 2, A Watery Grave, where the Supermassive Games team discusses the fine details that help capture the ominous mood inside the Ghost Ship.

The game is made by the makers of Until Dawn, a story based game that has players choose the outcome of the story, the ending, and what happens to multiple characters.

Supermassive Games is a British video game developer based in Guildford, England, United Kingdom. The company specializes in development for the PlayStation family of systems, only producing one title that was not released for a Sony console, and two that were not exclusives.

Supermassive is currently partnering with Bandai Namco Entertainment to create an anthology series called The Dark Pictures Anthology, the first game in the series is called Man of Medan, which is scheduled for release sometime in 2019. Unlike Supermassive’s previous titles, which all but two were available exclusively on Sony platforms, all games in the Dark Pictures series will be available on Microsoft Windows and the Xbox One, as well as the PlayStation 4.