New Jersey High School Students Put On An Impressive “Alien” Stage Play

Some students adapt plays like Grease or West Side Story. These students however North Bergen High School decided to do something a little different. The school’s drama club staged the play on the 19th and 22nd this past week, and one of the school’s students posted some details about the production on Reddit. They noted that it follows the plot of the film, “with a few scenes added to kill time for scene changes,” (which apparently included the Xenomorph walking amongst the members of the audience). The school put together a trailer for the production earlier this month.

Check out images and a trailer from the play below:

The amount and level and detail these kids put into the production of the play is absolutely astounding. The students also created the Xenomorph and space suit costumes, as well as sets that included airlock doors that opened and closed. What’s more, the student says that the school didn’t pay for any of it: the students themselves raised the money themselves, and build their props and costumes from recycled materials. Very impressive for students who did it all on their own!