Legendary’s MonsterVerse Might Not End After Godzilla Vs Kong?!?

Originally the Legendary Godzilla Cinematic Universe named “The MonsterVerse” was only meant to span a series of 4 films. Godzilla, Kong Skull Island, the upcoming Godzilla King of the Monsters, and next year’s Godzilla vs Kong. Once those were done, the Godzilla rights would shift back to TOHO Ltd. who also have plans for an updated Godzilla film series. However, with the hype KotM is getting, the MonsterVerse might expand after Godzilla vs Kong. As long as the fans show up.

Per Gormaru Island:

The Future of the MONSTERVERSE — Toho Kingdom’s Chris Mirjahangir Asks Legendary Executive Alex Garcia About The Fate of the MonsterVerse after 2020

“If The Movies Turn Out Well” –In a Godzilla King of the Monsters set- visit interview, Toho Kingdom’s Chris Mirjahangir asked Legendary Executive Alex Garcia if the MonsterVerse will possibly continue after 2020, the contract end of Legendary’s licensing of #GODZILLA with TOHO. This be it in the form of more films and even spin-offs.

And the official answer given is “It’s one brick at a time, each piece has to be as good as it can be, so right now it’s all focused on this (Godzilla: King of the Monsters and Godzilla vs. Kong).

BUT could there be? Yeah, that’s the hope if the movies turn out really well.”

SO! There is the official answer. The fate of the MonsterVerse after 2020 will all depend on these two upcoming films, though with more of a lean on KOTM given that it is the next installment in line presently. So if you want more MonsterVerse, then go out and support these films once they hit theaters!!