Young Amputee Gets The Gift Of A Lifetime From ”Alita:Battle Angel” Filmmakers

God bless the filmmakers behind this year’s most underrated sci-fi film, Alita: Battle Angel. Not every day do you hear a story about people in Hollywood doing good in the world, but today this story might make your heart.

Tilly Lockey is 13-year-old girl who has been a fighter since she was an infant. When she was just 15 months old, Tilly Lockey, from the north of England, fought the battle of her life against meningococcal septicemia. She survived; however, both her hands needed to be amputated.

Tilly, now 13 and an advocate for kids with prosthetics, received a surprising gift from the creators of the new film Alita: Battle Angel : a set of state-of-the-art bionic hands. This is pretty cool no matter how old you are!

The hands were created in partnership with Open Bionics and 20th Century Fox to make sure the limbs could do things like grasp and move properly and weren’t just aesthetic. Tilly even got to walk the red carpet of the film, meet some of the stars and of course shake hands with James Cameron himself.

Cameron, who produced the film, is a big fan of Tilly’s.

“Tilly has grown up to be an incredible person and has never let her disability hold her back in anyway,” he said.

The arms were not cheap, but the smile on a 13-year-old girl is worth every cent. The team behind Alita: Battle Angel are true heroes.


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