Captain Marvel Film Reveals How Nick Fury Loses His Eye….And Its Pretty Stupid…

“The Last Time I Trusted Somone, I Lost An Eye.”

These were the words uttered by Samuel L. Jackson‘s Nick Fury waaaaay back in Captain America Winter Soldier. Since then fans had been wondering, “how did he really lose his eye?” Was it an act of betrayal? A noble sacrifice? A freak accident? What? Well this weekend’s film Captain Marvel answers that…get ready to be disappointed.


Okay if you are still reading then I guess you want to be spoiled.

Per ComicBook.Com:

The looming threat of Nick Fury losing an eye is probably one of Captain Marvel’s best running gags. Several times throughout the film, Fury gets injured or seemingly takes a hard hit, creating the expectation of a dramatic moment he nobly sacrifices an eye in battle. However, as it turns out, the myths and legends about Fury’s lost eye are about as far off the mark as impressions of the man himself. In true fact, Fury loses an eye because of his love of cats – or in this case, a cat-like alien.

Throughout Captain Marvel, Fury is seen bonding with Goose, the cat he discovers in the archives of Project Pegasus, where Carol was a test pilot before gaining her powers. As it turns out, Goose is actually an alien called a “Flerken,” which has a pocket dimension in its belly, and a mouthful of hideous tentacles to attack with. Goose proves to be quite dangerous, except with Fury, for whom he has a strange affection. The man-cat love story goes smoothly – that is until the mission is over, when Fury, Maria Rambeau, Carol and Goose are all headed home. Apparently, Goose doesn’t appreciate the way Fury is handling him at one point, because the Flerken reaches up and scratches Fury right across the eye!

Due to it being an alien who inflicts the blow, Fury’s eye never heals properly and at the end of Captain Marvel he’s seen sitting in his office at SHIELD, trying to decide on a prosthetic eye to wear (which, we know he never does). Coulson comes in and asks Fury if it’s true that he lost the eye resisting torture by the alien invaders; Fury simply gives a non-answer, thereby catalyzing the series of myths and legends that will follow him around SHIELD thereafter.

Yeah, so one of the biggest mysteries in the MCU is played for laughs. A cheap laugh at that. Did Kevin Feige (The Head of Marvel Studios) even read this script before they shot it? This is just lazy and horrible writing regarding a main member of the MCU. I don’t get it, but like Brie Larson said, this movie isn’t for me. Thank God it isn’t, because this sounds so lame…