KFC Hires RoboCop to Protect Secret Recipe

This isn’t a joke. This is real life. Protection is needed. And no protection is greater than ROBOCOP!

With a little help from RoboCop, KFC upgraded their security of Colonel Sanders’ Secret Recipe by moving it to the Bahnhof Underground Data Center.

Robocop, now “Colonel Robocop” comes complete with the Colonel’s trademark hair and soul patch! Check out Colonel Robocop in action below!

KFC also rolled out a slew of ads where RoboCop satiates peoples’ hunger for breaded and fried fowl. Re-creating the seedy and dystopian streets of Detroit from the first movie, the following spot finds our mechanized chicken-hawking cyborg flinging boneless pieces of poultry into the mouth of a fella whose only crime is hunger.

In the next spot, RoboCop enters the room holding a $20 “Fill Up” meal for a family watching his movie. They tell him to hold on a second, but he then gives them an ultimatum: they “have 10 seconds to comply.” Just before he breaks out the big guns, the family shoots off the couch to enjoy the meal.

Moral of the story, people: Never say no to RoboCop.

The final ad underscores RoboCop’s Prime Directive: “Protect Secret Recipe.”

While at a dinner table laden with a KFC feats, someone asks him about the details to which he responds, “If I told you, I’d have to kill you.”

Everyone at the table goes silent until RoboCop stars giving off a monotone laugh, reeling everyone into the hilarity of the moment. Then, he suddenly stops and gives the camera deadpan stare as an ominous ’80s synth score plays in the background.