Did You Know In Mexico Spider-Man Comics, Gwen Stacy Never Died?!?

This news has been circulating the geek boards for a few days now but it’s still has us dumbfounded that this hasn’t been public knowledge.

During the 70s at the height of the Silver Age, Marvel made the extreme decision to kill off Peter Parker’s girlfriend Gwen Stacy. This of course opened the door for Mary Jane Watson and the rest is history. But apparently, there is an alternate history where Gwen didn’t die. We aren’t talking about a What-If, it’s in Mexico!


Yup, Mexican publisher La Prensa didn’t believe their readers would stick with the book if Gwen died. The result? 45 issues of Silver Age Spidey with Gwen Stacy playing a prominent role and even marrying Peter Parker!?!

Theses alternate history comics took place after Spider-Man #119. So, Gwen never died in Mexico and a big part of Spidey’s legacy never happened. After the 44 story run, La Prensa lost the license and Marvel went with another publisher who solely reprinted translated versions of Marvel’s own Spidey books.

One can’t help but imagine what hijinks a younger, happier Spider-Man got into with his wife, Gwen Stacy, by his side. Maybe one day, Marvel will have it all collected in a graphic novel.