Is Captain Marvel At Risk Of Bombing Because Of Brie Larson’s Comments?!?

Marvel’s Captain Marvel film is in the news for all the wrong reasons as of late. The movie is only a month out from release and it’s star, Brie Larson, has quickly become a polarizing figure amongst the fan base that would have supported this film.

Whether it was her comments about too many white men being at press junkets or the absolutely ridiculous “send girls to see my movie campaign” (hey Brie how about you help out their schools instead and just pay for the kids tickets with your own money?) she hasn’t really been winning over fans.

This has all resulted in overzealous fans taking to Rotten Tomatoes, a film review website with a collection of reviews from multiple publications, and posting an onslaught of negative reviews regarding a film that has not been released yet and mud slinging at Larson, deserving or not.

Larson being cast in the film just never felt right to me. I hope she proves me wrong, but she just doesn’t look like a superheroine who MCU head honcho, Kevin Feige describes as “the most powerful character in the MCU.”

Really? Captain Marvel was never on the same level as Thor. Not to mention, if she comes in and is just some kind of magical plot device that defeats Thanos easily in Avengers Endgame fans are going to feel cheated.

I think it’s important to try and separate a star’s movie role from their political stance or beliefs. However, in this day and age, it’s becoming harder. Especially because of social media.

Larson has come out and said she doesn’t have anything against white men, suggesting more inclusion is what is needed. But the damage might be already done. You don’t allude to something like that without there being some kind of negative undertone.

I guess we will see if fans can truly look past this when Captain Marvel debuts in cinemas. It’s box office projections have somewhat dipped in the past few weeks…