First Look At Cameron Monaghan As The Joker In The Final Season Of Gotham

The final season of Gotham is being set up to be the beginning of Batman. And you can’t have a Batman without a Joker. Actor Cameron Monaghan has been a fantastic year one Joker up to this point. Now we have our first look at Monaghan in his final look as the clown prince of crime and it is frightening. Check it out below:

Fans of the Fox hit series Gotham are currently waiting on the edge of their seats for the debut of Cameron Monaghan as The Joker as well as his counterpart Batman. Although he is not referred to as the Joker yet, Cameron Monaghan’s Jeremiah has been more than hinted at becoming the Crown Prince of Clime and the upcoming episode “Ace Chemicals” is set to drive in the last nail in the coffin.

The trailer for the series changing episode gives us a look at the beginning of Bruce and Jeremiah’s eternal struggle which will continue to plague them after then ascend to their respected mantles. Check out the trailer below: