Check Out The First Music Video For Harley Quinn Smith’s Band “The Tenth”

Move over Kevin, there’s a new Smith making a name for herself

Harley Quinn Smith, the talented daughter of writer/director/actor Kevin Smith has been making a name for herself. Aside from appearing in her dad’s films, the young starlet has become a key member of the DC Universe streaming service group of hosts, and has a pretty nifty indie band called “The Tenth.” Their sound is bubblegum/garage band punk.

The group consists of Taylor Blackwell, Harley Quinn Smith, Eden Hain, and Kelly Cruz. The music video is for their EP’s first single, ‘I Saw A Ghost.” It revolves around a quirky marriage that ends in a murder and then the murderer being haunted by the victim.

You can listen to the whole EP, Dunes, on Apple Music now.