Terrifier Sequel Is Reportedly Happening

Oh you think Pennywise The Clown is the creepiest clown? Hold my beer, let me introduce you to Art The Clown:


The sadistic clown from the gory film “Terrifier” is coming back for seconds! The sequel would have Damien Leone return to direct and starring David Howard Thornton return to reprise the role of Art The Clown. Leone posted this image on social media of the script:

img_6900Leone is promising a sequel that will be &$*+# insane! The director said that as of right now this is sadly the only confirmation he has to give on the project but that they are working hard to deliver Terrifier 2 as quickly as possible. They are very excited to continue Art’s diabolical journey. He’ll be back and badder than ever.

The original Terrifier (which is still streaming on Netflix) followed a maniacal who clown terrorizes three young women on Halloween night and everyone else who stands in his way. The film picked up a strong word of mouth from horror fans and has been a new hidden gem for gorehounds.

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