HipZOMJoint’s Role Call #47 Casting Disney’s Wolverine

For 17 years actor Hugh Jackman donned the razor sharp claws of one of Marvel’s most iconic characters, Wolverine. He defined the character for a entire generation much the same way Christopher Reeves did with Superman. However, Jackman’s run as the character came to an end with 2017’s “Logan.”

Despite Ryan Reynolds countless attempts to bring Jackman out of retirement, Jackman has declared his superhero days are over. Now Disney has acquired the rights to the X-Men and a call has been put out to cast Wolverine once again.

For the next Wolverine I don’t believe a huge name needs to be attached. Part of the problem with the previous X-Men films was that Jackman’s charisma and attitude completely overshadowed the other X-Men characters. Instead of being a right hand man, he was THE man. It was Wolverine and the X-Men instead of just the X-Men. My Wolverine would be a strong but not overshadowing presence. Here are HipsterZOMBIEJoint’s top picks for the new Wolverine.

Jon Bernthal

Disney needs to do a solid for the Netflix Marvel actors that are now all out of a job. Bernthal brings the intensity and brutality needed to be the next Wolverine. Plus he’s the right age. Wolverine needs to be way older than the other X-Men because he’s been around forever. Plus look at that picture above and tell me that ain’t Wolverine!

Scott Adkins

Adkins is best known for his physicality and martial arts as seen in such movies as Undisputed and Wolf Warrior. The man is a literal beast and could make for a ferocious new Wolverine.

Zachary Quinto

Okay now before you write this off as a bad idea, remember when he played the sadistic murdering superhuman from NBC’s Heroes? He was the best character on that show. Imagine if he were bulked up a little more with claws? He has the makings for a great Wolverine.

Well, those are our choices but who would you cast as Wolverine? Agree? Disagree with our choices? Let us know in the comments and stay tuned for the next Role Call only on HipsterZOMBIEJoint.com!