WB Is Making An Aquaman Spin-Off Based On The Trench

One of the best scenes from Warner Bros. Aquaman was undoubtedly the introduction of the ferocious Trench. The nightmarish sea creatures are now reportedly getting their own spin-off.

According to sources speaking with The Hollywood Reporter, Warner Bros. has hired writers Noah Gardner and Aidan Fitzgerald to tackle a film based on the Trench sequence in Aquaman. The idea is to do with a horror-tinged script all about the amphibious creatures that reside there.

James Wan – who directed Aquaman – is reportedly on board to produce along with Peter Safran. The idea is reportedly to go with a modestly budgeted film compared to a usual DC film.

This idea may not be as crazy as it sounds at first glance. With Wan’s background in the Saw and Insidious series, he has a lot of knowledge on low-budget horror. Sure, it may not be the type of traditional DC film we want next, but if it helps keep the box office happy, all the better.

The film will not feature any of the cast from Aquaman but will be set in the Trench. The Trench first appeared in Aquaman (vol. 7) #1 (Nov. 2011) and were created by Geoff Johns. In September 2011, The New 52 had rebooted DC’s continuity. Johns introduced the Trench into this new timeline, making them antagonists in the Aquaman series.

In their first appearance, the Trench are seen attacking a town and killing, eating, and destroying many of the inhabitants.

It is revealed that the Trench had been inhabitants of Atlantis before that continent was destroyed and submerged by Atlan, the Dead King. Only three major groups of old Atlantis survived that event, including Aquaman’s Atlanteans (the main group to continue in Atlantis), the Xebelians in the Bermuda Triangle, and the Trench, who were thrown deep into the Marianas Trench, where they adapted traits and powers, as well as appearance, that differed from the Atlanteans.

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