Another Big Name Is Leaving The Walking Dead

Say it ain’t so! Another big name from The Walking Dead Cast is leaving the show.

Danai Gurira who plays the katana wielding survivor, Michonne, is leaving the series in season 10.

Gurira recently signed a deal for her involvement with the series. Under her new deal, Gurira will return in a limited capacity — described as only a handful of episodes — that will be interspersed throughout season 10. The actress, playwright and social activist will then likely segue to the three Walking Dead movies that AMC is planning with former leading man Andrew Lincoln.

It’s a big blow for the series, but everyone knows the series isn’t what it once was in the ratings and could end in another season or so.

However, the three Lincoln-led films have now gained some serious star wattage with Gurira. (Lincoln and Gurira were romantically paired on Walking Dead and Madden noted he had “high hopes that Rick and Michonne’s paths will cross again.”) The first film will be told from Rick’s point of view.

The three movies — set to begin production this year — will air on AMC, with the basic cable network, in success, partnering with a second party to help share the costs of what are expected to be cinematic features that are made for television.

What do you think of Gurira’s departure? Will it hurt the show? Let us know in the comments.