Tommy Wiseau Returning With “Big Shark”

Director, actor, producer, Tommy Wiseau is back with a new upcoming project. The film involves a big shark so naturally the film is titled “Big Shark.”

Bloody Disgusting has the details on Big Shark, courtesy of the German site Film Flutter, and a German reader who translated some the info. During a screening of The Room at the Prince Charles Theatre, a teaser for Big Shark was revealed in all its terrible glory. You can watch an extremely poor quality copy of the trailer in the short link. In the trailer, Wiseau and his two friends, played by Isaiah LaBorde and The Room‘s Greg Sestero, are walking through a street when they suddenly notice water flowing at their feet. In the blink of an eye, the water has risen to hip-length, at which point a giant shark, rendered in cartoonish CGI, swims forth with its jaws snapping.

The film is still in the early stages of development at this time. will be set in New Orleans because Wiseau has apparently been living there, and he wants to give something back to the city.

Now this thing is all being rumored on Twitter as a joke. But let’s not ever underestimate Wiseau. He did make The Room from his own pocket after all.