Star Wars Episode 9 Title Leaked Along With Plot + New Villain?!?

Star Wars news has been pretty quiet ever since Solo crashed and burned at the box office. The franchise has been divided ever since the polarizing Last Jedi. Now rumors are floating around about the title of the next film that promises to bring an end to the Skywalker storyline.

Reddit user daviebaby8666 posted an image on the r/movies page of a supposed “Episode 9 title leak,” which shows the movie will be called Balance of the Force. The design of the title card is similar to the previous installments of the sequel trilogy, with the main Star Warslogo in purple. Now this could most likely be photoshopped, but the title does have a sense of finality to it and has a nice ring.

Additionally, it’s been rumored Episode IX sees the arrival of a new threat from the mysterious “Beyond,”which may require Kylo Ren and Rey teaming up to defeat it. It would be fittingly poetic for this franchise if its seminal story concluded with the ever-warring sides of the Force coming together to take down a common enemy, saving the galaxy in the process. Balance of the Force is also a not-so-subtle prequel reference, since that trilogy was based around the prophecy of Anakin bringing balance to the Force. This title could tie all three trilogies together in a meaningful way.

What do you think? Is the title legit? What do you think of this possible new villain, The Beyond? Let us know in the comments.