Warner Bros Is Developing A Batman Beyond Animated Film

With the success of Sony’s Spider-Man Into The Spider-Verse, DC Comics is now wanting to have their own ground breaking animated film. r/DCEULeaks is reporting that WB Animation Group is fast tracking a big screen film based on the Batman Beyond character.

They’re currently targeting a 2022 release but that is not set in stone. A cast and crew have not been announced. Check out some of the concept art below:

The film will be based on the 90s series of the same name, which saw high schooler Terry McGinnis take up the mantle of Batman under the wing of a retired Bruce Wayne in the year 2039. It ran for 52 episodes before ending in December 2001.

Concept Art Source: u/kintaro227 and u/jaceleak74. Are you excited for a big screen Batman Beyond animated film? Let us know in the comments.