The Batman Gets A Release Date But Loses Ben Affleck

No this isn’t an old post, this is DC Film finally pour the dirt on the grave of Ben Affleck returning to the role of Batman.

It had long been a will he, won’t he, with Affleck ever since Justice League bombed at the box office. Now we finally have our answer. Director Matt Reeves, who is helming the upcoming Batman film will shift the focus to a younger Batman, but not starting at year one.

Per Deadline:

Reeves boarded Batman in February 2017, taking over for Affleck who was originally set to direct off a script he wrote with DC’s Geoff Johns. Affleck, we understand has a busy plate:  As Deadline exclusively broke he is starring in and producing the feature adaptation of Kate Alice Marshall‘s novel I Am Still Alive,which Universal won in a competitive bidding scenario. The two-time Oscar winner is also starring in the Warner Bros.’ Gavin O’Connor drama Torrance. Affleck worked hard on The Batman story, but knew he wasn’t the right one for this particular version. A search is underway for a new Dark Knight.

Affleck tweeted this out in support of Reeves upcoming film:


Affleck was a great Batman in less than great films, sad to not see him get the shine he deserved…

Reeves The Batman arrives in theaters June 25th, 2021.

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