LEAKED: First Look At Wonder Girl In Costume For Titans Season 2

DC Universe’s Titans TV Show was a hit with fans when it debuted last year. One of the big things fans loved was the show’s many guest appearances. Such characters that dropped in were Hawk & Dove, Jason Todd, The Doom Patrol, Batman, and of course Wonder Girl aka Donna Troy.

Conor Leslie was a fan favorite as the retired super heroine and former sudd kick of Wonder Woman. Now a leaked image has come out online of Leslie in her Wonder Girl outfit that pays homage to George Perez’s iconic red jumpsuit costume she wore. Check it out below:

The red jumpsuit costume was Donna Troy’s second costume when she fought alongside Dick Grayson who transitioned from Robin to Nightwing. The second season of Titans is shooting in February and could arrive at the end of 2019.

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